Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Follow your instincts!

As a budding entrepreneur, I have been given several opposing advises on what to do and why. I used to spend several hours thinking and deliberating pros and cons of each choice, most of the time it usually ended up as waste of time because I would finally still go with my first decision. 

After a couple of these incidents, I did a retrospection and realized that most of my first choices were right. If you love what you do, you should follow your natural instinct. It is possible that the thing which never worked for anyone else, will work for you.

Now, don't misunderstand me, I am not saying to be reckless, think but don't over-think. Make a choice, if you feel it is right thing to do. We never get anything in life if we don't take risk, however, calculating the risk is always a good idea. I prefer to play on my strengths and learn continuously than keep wondering about the choices and their results. If you have knowledge, just a little push from your instinct is enough to gather courage for following a particular course.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Being Humble

I have never agreed with anyone who says Human is petty or small or any other degrading adjective. When I believe we are made in God's form, are you trying to call God petty and small? Are you trying to tell a higher power made you in his own image and still managed to belittle you? Impossible!

They argue it's my pride and not humility. I question you, is there any humility in being small and accepting it, it is just a fact, not humility. Humility would be recognizing how great you are, what immense potential God or higher power has given you, and still be humble, still treat others well, still respect other people and things.

Why are we confusing ourselves with these stupid declarations? Nobody became great by accepting little of himself, you have to realize who you are, how great potential is stored in your brain. Then and only then there is a chance of achievement and greatness. After this, if you can show humility and be humble, you have my respect. Not when you are calling yourself scum and behaving like one.

Accept and expect great behavior and standards from yourself, because you deserve it. Ignite the fire of self realization and self improvement and see the magic. Then stay calm and show how truly beautiful your soul is adorned with humility and kindness.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Life Life Life

They say a teacher appears when the student is ready to learn. I have personally experienced it. Whenever I felt a need to be guided, to be held by hand and navigated through the maze, I always found someone in real life or digitally to guide me. It was a book, an email, a video, a word of advice from a friend, but it always reached me.
The fabric of universe is designed that way that if we are open to receive, help always appears. Once we decide what we want, all that's left is to recognize the help and opportunity to receive. Attracting right people in life is very important in achieving any and every goal in life. When you have right people walking with you, it becomes very easy to manage the fears and doubts because you can put a hand on heart and say "All is Well" but sometimes heart needs it in another person's voice to believe.
Be ready to welcome the people you need in life. What we give out is what we receive. Only reception is a hundred fold, so think twice before you say a bad feeling for anyone, it will come back, be happy for others, send out a lot of blessings and good wishes, help those who need it, it all comes back.

Saturday, November 07, 2015

Hostile staff- You might as well say Bye to your business.

I had been to this place called Prost in Koramangala last night. Most of the restaurants were closed, so my only option was to go to a club and eat. I would say food was good, but really very bad mannerism. Yes I know it was late, and I have consulted for a few clubs before, clubs take responsibility of making sure that nobody disturbs their guests even after hours. They have staff which is super polite and highly trained to repeat same thing but never raise the voice. Yes their manager did the right thing in similar situation in front of me, so I appreciate him. But the bouncers, they need a training session. They threatened saying "Kya kar loge". I was shocked. After working with multiple clubs ranging from standalone small places to five star places, nobody and I mean nobody talks to guests like this. And the worst part it, they had their staff around and nobody stopped the bouncer. It was so disturbing for me, as I personally take client relations very very seriously. I have seen highly priced clubs retaining customers just because their staff is awesome at client relations, they treat them right.

People can get food and alcohol anywhere. Why are they coming to your shabby place if you can't give them good service also? People expect you to treat them better than how they would be treated anywhere else. This is a very simple concept that I have been teaching to every Manager and Service staff. Your education doesn't matter here, but what kind of person you are matters a lot. If you are not capable of being polite to people, don't work in service industry. And a special Caution word to Prost, they are going to lose all the customers if their employees treat people badly. Bouncers still count as employees, even if they are outsourced.

I don't want to hear your stupid excuses as to why you won't give a person 2 minutes to finish their food. I want to hear what extra special you would do for me if I am your customer. And it is not just me, everyone wants that and sooner Prost learns this, better it will be for them.

Thursday, November 05, 2015

Cafe Coffee Day

If you ask me where can you come to meet me, my first answer would be CCD, before I even consider anywhere else. Why? Because it makes me feel so comfortable.

The theme colors are Red & Purple, I hate one and I love one. So it is a perfect balance and perfect contradiction. I love the smell of coffee there, much better than any other cafe. I like the places which are smaller than the large stores because of richness of aroma. It is very refreshing to just go and sit there sipping a coffee, talk to the staff sometimes. I should mention that they do train the staff very well, very polite and nice. Some of the managers are rude, but I can understand that it is mostly at the end of the day when they are tired of the drama and standing whole day. It sometimes feels bad because I go there very frequently, but then I turn around and one of the waiters stand there smiling at me, making me forget the rudeness.

They have such a good pricing for the quality products. I prefer to go there when I am hungry and I have just 15 mins or I need to eat while talking to someone. It's simple and convenient. I must say I'm in love with CCD as a place, small cozy store with best coffee aroma.

Wednesday, November 04, 2015

The Nanny- TV show

Just stopped at a restaurant for a quick bite, and was super annoyed with the noise there. So, I thought let's watch something fun. While searching on YouTube, came across this old TV show called The Nanny and Oh Boy! is it funny or what!

Comedy is at it's best when you can actually laugh at simplest of the things and won't have to make it vulgar to get a laugh from audience. That's exactly what you get in this show. Very simple day to day incidents, funny bickering, confusions and "Biles, The Nutler". I really couldn't care that people were looking at me laughing carelessly at such a crowded place, I just couldn't help it.

It is kind of a sarcastic remark on the Moms obsessed with their daughter's wedding and desperate girls trying to find a husband. You find love when you find it, you can't force it or make it happen just because you are getting old. You are loved, you are beautiful at any age. Just the definitions keep changing, from the sexy to sophisticated, from wild to elegant, from hot to gorgeous.

Yes I know it is kind of a serious take away from a comedy show, but I can't hold back myself and stop at only fun part of it. Comedy always takes birth in a pain, an area which is painful from one angle and then we change the perspective and suddenly it is hilarious.

So, lets just have fun and laugh at the problems. Maybe one day we will find the solutions, but till then, Keep Smiling!!!

Sunday, September 20, 2015


Being alone is so good sometimes, like white sound, like cool breeze passing through the valley where you can spend the whole summer and enjoy watching trees grow new green leaves, fresh and smelling wonderful. It's like a cup of coffee which becomes your companion with an amazing book when you walk through the pages and interact with characters, laughing, crying, feeling every little word, every little emotion described in those lines. Yes, I know it is not something everyone relates with, but a lot of people can.

But sometimes, it is like a walk on hot sand, when it feels the sun is scorching heat ball and is trying to melt you to water you crave so much, like the hot air which is all around you but offers no help in cooling down your burning skin, and you miss the touch of a loving hand. Yes, this is something a lot of people relate with.

What does it say about us? We relate with the horrible aspect but not the beauty of it, why do we ignore all the good and see the bad? Maybe just a change of perception and the same situation can be rosy, peachy and whatever else you wanna call it, I prefer Golden somehow. I don't know how to do it, but it is a decision to accept the Golden picture and seek it in every situation, every scenario. I know I will find it.